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BMW 3 Series Launch

The Launch of the BMW 3 Series was one of the most spectacular events we have created. We constructed a platform in Georges Dock opposite the IFSC. The Glass Panoramic Structure we built on top of this had unobstructed 360 Degree views which was also styled in a similar look to BMW showrooms around the country. Instead of seeing the drapes whisked off the cars inside the pavilion, an explosion outside grabbed guests' attention. They turned to find a dramatic scene as a new car, positioned on a submerged platform, drove “on” the river. The car passed cued fountains and pyrotechnic displays up to the water wall at one side of the pavilion, which stopped flowing for a moment of drama. Then the four cars inside the pavilion were unveiled and a looped video showing the car in action played on the screens, enabling guests to admire the cars and socialize for the rest of the evening.

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BMW 3 Series Launch Gallery

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